About Preconcile
Preconcile.com is an online dispute resolution service aimed at helping businesses grow their sales by building trust with their customers. Preconcile offers fast, fair and affordable dispute resolution that lets both customers and businesses know that: 1) they will never have to deal with lawyers or court to resolve any issue, 2) they will be fairly treated, and 3) a neutral Preconcile resolutions expert stands ready to resolve any issues that they may have.
Businesses sign up to become Preconcile members and are immediately given access to legal forms and clauses that will protect them from having to go to court if ever a dispute cannot be resolved.
If a dispute does arise, the parties can resolve it through communication on the Preconcile platform. If the parties cannot resolve their own issue, then a neutral Preconcile resolution expert renders a decision within seven business days.
Using the Preconcile platform, parties input 150-word statements, up to four pieces of evidence and a requested resolution before a case is submitted to a Preconcile resolutions expert. Using that data and the Preconcile rules, [ MORE ]
the Preconcile resolutions experts render a decision in under seven business days. (Some businesses may require more than 150 words and 4 pieces of evidence per case. Such customization can be done. Customization might affect the decision time and cost of cases.)
All Preconcile resolution experts are members in good standing with their state bar. Preconcile resolution experts have more qualifications and credentials than any state requires of case arbitrators.
Will Zerhouni
Will is an attorney by training and an entrepreneur by choice. Having been a patent litigator and federal prosecutor, Will knows the enormous cost and time that litigation can take. After exiting his previous successful data analytics startup (I Cubed Analytics), Will went about looking for an industry to disrupt – and none seemed more ripe for disruption than the court system. Putting together his legal training, litigator’s experience, and the lessons learned from his previous startup, Will set about getting to work on Preconcile. Will has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Harvard College and a law degree from Harvard Law School. He also lives and dies with the Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens.
Makan Delrahim
Makan is a former Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the United States for Antitrust Enforcement, former Chief Counsel and Staff Director of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, and partner at Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber and Scheck. Makan has always had the entrepreneurial bug. Years ago, he received a speeding ticket in California. On the back of the ticket, he was invited to contest the ticket by writing to the court instead of having to appear in person. Makan thought, if we can handle traffic cases on papers, why can’t we handle other court cases online? From that idea and brainstorming with Will, the idea for Preconcile was born. Makan has an undergraduate degree from UCLA, a masters in science from Johns Hopkins University [MORE]
and a law degree from George Washington University. He is one of the few lawyers in America who creatively finds solutions rather than identifying problems.
Jason Brooks
Resolutions Director
Jason is an experienced mediator out of the Straus Institute at Pepperdine Law School. Having mediated dozens of cases for the Los Angeles County court system, he knows well what works and what doesn’t in bringing parties together for resolution. He now applies that knowledge towards recruiting, [MORE]
training and reviewing Preconcile’s roster of resolution experts. Jason is also a former major league baseball prospect with many friends playing in “the show.” Jason, however, prefers the tech startup “show” he is in now. Jason has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and a law degree from Pepperdine University.
Rafael Darder
Technical Director
Rafa is a full stack engineer with extensive engineering experience earned working on Google projects. Rafa oversees the technical development of Preconcile’s platform and brings deep insights into user experience as well. Rafa is a proud supporter of Newell’s Old Boys and father to a very young boy.
Fernando Cervera
Fernando is another experienced engineer with prior history of working on Google projects. He is also the rare Argentinian with no appetite for soccer.
Though Preconcile resolutions can take place anywhere thanks to the online nature of the Preconcile platform, Preconcile, LLC is currently headquarted in Baltimore, Maryland. Preconcile also has a presence in Los Angeles, California.